Meditationer som transformerar

Meditationer som frigör dig från destruktiva mönster och skapar en större neutralitet i livet där du inte längre blir triggad av trauman, personer eller händelser samt skapar ett större space där du kan vara känslomässigt fri.

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Goddess Codes

May 19, 2020 | 0 comments

These Goddess Codes meditations will be presented to you on this website. In every meditation there is a download of the energy that is being presented. When we download the energy, we neutralize the previous patterns or believe systems that might block the new energy from coming in. You will then be open and receptive to embody the new download.


A long time ago I read A Course of Love. I really loved that book and I longed for the evening to come so I could read a chapter. One night, I had started on the 40 days and 40 nights, which symbolizes the transformation of the ego and facing your fears. I had finished reading my chapter and put the book down next to me and all of a sudden I fell into a deep trance. During the trance state I received a lot of information, like a download into my subconscious but the most wonderful thing was the emotion that they presented to me – neutrality.


A state of neutrality is the absence of negative emotion.


Words are too small to explain the emotion that I felt but it was like all good emotions forged into One.
I felt all of these:


  • Safety
  • Inner Power
  • Trust/Faith
  • Self Worth
  • Neutrality
  • Emotional Freedom
  • Freedom


I just wanted the moment to never end. I was emerged in this loving feeling and I never wanted to leave. Nothing could scare me or knock me out of balance. The Love was so strong and I felt incredibly grounded. It was like I was the earths pillar and no wind or storm could knock me over. I felt strong, safe and powerful.


When we embody these emotions we create abundance. Abundance of all the good that wants to enter our world. For in this state we have no resistance. In this state we just are these emotions and in them we stand strong. Ponder this; what can you create when you no longer feel fear or uncertainty? What can you create when you no longer doubt? What can you create when your goals seem so obvious?


What if you could be working toward goals but still love life here and now? What would happen if you could love the journey toward your goal? To love every second of what you create? To have a vision of the future so clear that anything that doesn’t support that future falls away.


Life happens here and now. We live life here and now. With these downloads we can BE here and now because we have dissolved fear and worry. Doubt, fear and worry takes us to a future we are trying to control. When we release that, we exist in the now and our point of attraction and focus is right here and right now. When all our wounds are healed and we no longer dwell in the past, all there is, is here and now. In the now we become neutral, loving and carry a healthy expectation of the future and our goals but also we become excited to live and experience each day.


When we embody these new patterns we stand strong. We then call forth the Goddess within us and the Feminine Power. Even if you are a man. These patterns are the new Goddess Codes. When these Codes become alive within you they will upgrade your DNA and your Inner Goddess will step forward to show herself.

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