Meditationer som transformerar

Meditationer som frigör dig från destruktiva mönster och skapar en större neutralitet i livet där du inte längre blir triggad av trauman, personer eller händelser samt skapar ett större space där du kan vara känslomässigt fri.

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Omega VS Agartha

May 19, 2020 | 0 comments

We now prepare you for your journey you are about to take. A Journey that will take you into a new world where the old will be dissolved. You see signs of it right now and you feel the shift inside of you. Some more, some less. You can feel something have shifted but you cannot pin point exactly what it is. Like something is different.


You now travel upwards. You have begun the grand walk home. For every layer of dimensions you pass, some shift takes place. Then another, then another. Everything moves fast now. What used to be stuck is now flowing.


In this fast flowing space, you are now given the opportunity to access the Omega Portal.


Omega is the portal of energy which pulls you up. (speaking metaphorically) You are being pulled up higher and higher and the higher you go, the more powerful you become. Powerful as in an Awakened One och embodying the neutral state. Omega shines through all of your cells and transforms that which needs to transform and neutralizes all of your triggers. In Omega, you become like a Jesus or a Mary Magdalene. A union of the masculine and the feminine. You merge these energies and perspectives together and you travel higher than ever before.


In Omega there are layers you travel through and the journey can become long or short, depending on your current status. Your bodies will become more crystalline and you are changed in your core. Your physical appearance will be able to shine more brightly and hold more light. In the light you will find your way home and you will be walking pillars of light, sharing that with the rest of the world. You share your light with the world and the world changes because of your presence.


My avatar Andrea, will hold the light for you so you can access that energy. The light that comes from the Land of the North. The True North. You who read this text and do the meditations will be the carrier of this light. You all share this task of spreading this light. You will keep the Omega open and available while other Light Pillars on this earth will connect and spread the Light forward through all the energy centers around the world. We are focal points where the Light will be secured and anchored in the dimensions we travel through. When we travel through the different dimensions, other people will take over where we left off. We are pioneers who is showing the way for others to follow. We are building new grounds. We are remodeling the existing structure. We are creating new pathways so others can live more freely. We are freeing ourselves and others from the old and stuck paradigm.


In the anchoring of this new energy we are collaborating with Agartha. A dimension who’s consciousness is already enlightened. When we make this process conscious the energy becomes stable and a solid ground is created for enlightenment to happen. This solid ground for enlightenment spreads through the whole planet and what used to be preached in words is no longer necessary. We now preach through Light and the creation of Light between worlds. When we anchor this Light from True North to the center of the planet we create a conscious process where the light is spread to the parts of the world that can receive this energy. New meridians are created to the energy centers where it is being received.


In this Light there is an endless stream of information that will decode the DNA and all forms of bodies will be re-calibrated to handle this new Light. The Light will also find the focal points who send out a signal to merge.


So how does this Light affect you? When you let this Light fill you up you will be more content. Your search will end and you will emotionally feel like home. This does not mean you will stop evolving or that your dreams will end. On the contrary. This Light will accelerate your dreams and make you adventurous. You will feel a burning desire to do only the things you love, for you will walk with love and thus survival mode will fall away. What you do not love will have to be reevaluated, transformed or completely fall away.


When the Light is anchored in you, everything that does not vibrate at Love or above, will fall away. For how can you live in a restricted world that speaks of survival mode when you now live in pure Love? The Pure Love also has dimensions and layers. You will be transported higher up in there too. Layer by layer you are being drawn upwards in this journey you are about to take. The Great Wandering has begun. You are there now. On this Journey you will find your way home. You will find Home. To the inside of your heart. Therein lies the truth.