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Meditationer som frigör dig från destruktiva mönster och skapar en större neutralitet i livet där du inte längre blir triggad av trauman, personer eller händelser samt skapar ett större space där du kan vara känslomässigt fri.

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We live our lives in patterns – Goddess Codes

May 19, 2020 | 0 comments

For a long time I have tried to put into words what it is I do exactly. My meditations are essentially downloads where the listener gets access to a download that transforms the subconscious. This is a method I have used for many years, even though I haven’t been official about it and it has truly changed me.


These Goddess codes that will be presented here on this website, has changed me in profound ways. The worries about the future I used to have is completely gone. My worry about money disappeared after downloading FAITH. My concern about being controlled by rulers disappeared when I downloaded SECURITY/FEELING SAFE. These belief systems which I also call patterns, will play itself out to you in your everyday life.


We live our lives in patterns. This means that the patterns we have, control how we live. If you are broke, then that is a pattern. If you are wealthy, then that is a pattern. If you have a loving partner then that is a pattern. If you live in destructive relationships, then that is a pattern. If you change partners frequently or have a difficulty being faithful to one partner, then that is a pattern. A patterns which is telling you what program your subconscious is running.


The need for validation is a pattern that can play out as you fall in love, swiftly, with many different people. Every time you meet someone of the sex you prefer, your first thought may be what they are like in bed or if its your future husband/wife and your sexdrive is high. Your thoughts may be totally focused on others instead of yourself. When this pattern dissolves, all of what I mentioned will dissolve and you become more centered and focused on your life. Which will make you more loving towards yourself and help you become more balanced and focusing inward instead of outward.


Because of fear or ignorance we stay in patterns we don’t want to be in but in the fear of the unknown future, we ´d rather stay in patterns we know are familiar and predictable. This is the trap of the ego. We feel into what we want and it feels right to stay in a situation which is destructive or uncomfortable due to the fear of the unknown future, for in the unknown future, the ego can’t predict och calculate the outcome. The ego feels safe when it knows and can predict the future.


It ´s not until we can dissolve that fear and give ourselves emotional freedom – that we can move on. An emotional freedom which helps us NOT to procrastinate or tell ourselves, we´ ll do it tomorrow or give ourselves any other excuses. When we have de-programmed ourselves from these patterns, the world is waiting for us. In the emotional freedom, we can hear the Voice of the Heart which wants to guide us to the place we are meant to be at.


All of a sudden we see our path so clearly and we know what steps to take. All the changes that happen we embrace with love and passion instead of fear.


The year of 2020 is the year of the Goddess. This is the year we create emotional freedom and we step into the frequency of the Goddess. Even if you are a man. This year represents re-birth in so many ways because this re-birth gives birth to the Self that is merged with the Higher Self and lives from the matters of the Heart. In that, you create Miracles.


Have you not longed for a new life but not known how to get there? Have your dreams felt so close but yet so far away? When we embody emotional freedom we do not feel time.


When your dreams feel so far away you feel time. When you have embodied the Goddess Codes your dreams already feel present. When you step into your Inner Goddess nothing feels far away. Your every thought about the future feels like NOW. Every dream you have feels like NOW. You become filled with your dream and just the thought of it makes you happy and to be working with it makes you happy. Your goals do not feel distant but rather already here and NOW.


Now in this moment, you get to work with the things you love, so the NOW moment is precious to you and the only place you want to be in. You see your goals clearly, like they already exists and your ideas are flowing because of the fact that you let go of the resistance and it´s no longer blocking you from your intuition and creativity.


In the Goddess meditations we build a new light body och it will be presented here. When the meditations do come out, you do them in order, start with nr 1 and so on.
Meanwhile we welcome you in to a New World which is now created by Goddesses.